Make Your Home or Business Safer with Mold Removal in Cape Coral, FL

sub-page-moldFighting a battle with mold in the bathroom? Get your bathroom back! We have the experience, equip-ment, and man power to safely and effectively remove mold from your home or business and restore it back to new again.

Getting rid of mold can be a delicate business. Here’s what we do to ensure mold remediation is safe:

  • Source to cure
  • Use air scrubbers to filter air-borne mold spores
  • Vacuum Ceilings, Walls, & All Surfaces with HEPA Certified Equipment
  • Wash ceilings, walls, and all surfaces with antimicrobial wash
  • Seal exposed studs & remaining walls with antimicrobial sealant
  • Fog home & ducts with ozone machine
  • Testing air with certified air clearance after remediation is complete

Call us today for a free mold inspection in your home or office: (239) 471-7066.

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